Terry Tools History

In the 1940s, the world saw many famous firsts in aviation, and Terry Tools was there to meet the demand for time-saving production of aircraft. Today, Terry Tools remains to be the leader in simplifying “awkward” drilling jobs to meet the stringent demands of all types of production.

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The First “Leviathan of the Air”
The Martin Mars Transports are first in many ways! They’re the world’s largest planes, with the longest range and the biggest pay-load capacity.

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Terry tool design, too, scored a first in facilitating the production of Martin Mars Transports.
The First Flying Cannon
Literally a “cannon on wings”, the famous Bell Airacobra was the first ship ever to utilize the propeller hub as a cannon.

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Terry No. 5 (Snake) Drilling Attachment clips were the first to help speed the production of Airacobras and other fighting ships.
First in Five-Fold Performance
The distinguished service of the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt High Altitude Fighters in carrying on to V-Day is marked by outstanding records.

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Terry Angle Drilling Attachments answered the call for the fast production of more and more strategic aircraft.
First to Avenge Pearl Harbor
The Curtiss P-40 has chalked up a record of many “firsts”. A P-40 shot down the first Japanese plane in the fight over Pearl Harbor.

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In the rush to build more planes, Terry Angle Drilling Attachments were the first tools to speed up and simplify drilling at awkward angles.