hands2_newANGLE and Flexible Drilling Attachments.
We Specialize in Close-Quarter Drilling.

Dependable precision tools in a variety of sizes and designs
(up to 1/4″ capacity) for all types of drilling problems.

Your Source for Drilling Attachments

For over a century, Terry Tools has built powerful, versatile equipment to serve a wide range of industries. Our tools, equipment and machining processes have developed and advanced over the years to give you high-tech, high-quality, long-lasting solutions. We specialize in drilling tools and drilling attachments meant to operate in close quarters and give you easy operation with a secure fit. Our tools are specially designed to fit into close spaces and allow you to conduct difficult repairs or installations safely and easily. We also custom design and manufacture drill components including gears, shafts, spindles and other parts in our shop according to your specifications, with superior materials made to last in advanced industries. We strive to forge lasting relationships with all of our customers and, as a solution-driven, customer-oriented company, we consider your needs and requirements carefully when building tools that suit your needs.

Terry Tools began manufacturing and supplying dental tools across the nation, and has since evolved to manufacture versatile close-quarter drills and attachments to serve hundreds of industries. Our tools are most commonly used in the aeronautics and defense industries, when assembling or repairing complex devices with narrow accessibility. The angled and offset drilling attachments allow technicians to reach nearly any difficult area. With a series of interchangeable attachments, users can switch between tools as needed to drill at 45-degree angles, right angles, and even adjustable angles as needed. With complete adjustability at your disposal, you can make repairs and secure pieces easily without deconstructing your project. You will have leverage wherever you need it so you can place fine, finishing details, critical assembly pieces and everything in between. While aerospace and defense are our most popular industries, the enhanced flexibility and efficiency of our tools make them adaptable to nearly any job, small or large. Any vehicle, machine, system or device utilizing a complex design with narrow configurations can use Terry Tool’s adjustable drills. Our tools have been used on a wide range of equipment, from simple pieces like cabinets and tables to more complex devices like sewing machines, conveyor belts and appliances, and even advanced machines like submarines, telescopes and satellites. Some of our drills have even been added to our customers’ in-house equipment for faster, more efficient operations, including milling machines and machining centers. With tools that work around your needs, you can conduct repairs on small, fragile designs, delicate mechanical components, heavy-duty metals and everything in between, all with a compact series of easy-to-use tools.

Terry Tools are USA-made with the highest quality materials available. To keep your tools running smoothly and to adjust to your needs, we offer a wide array of replacement and interchangeable components to reconfigure your drills. Our drive shafts, casing assemblies, spindles and other components are all easy to order and fit to your exact drill so you can repair or change your equipment easily. Our order chart allows you to find the exact tools you need to fit securely and make precise entry points. With dozens of parts available, Terry Tools can fulfill nearly any drilling applications, from drilling, countersinking, deburring and more. You can easily select the size and angle you need, as well as tools to suit any materials, including wood, steel, plastic, aluminum and more. Whether you need to maneuver around corners, install small screws at tight angles, make repairs around existing components or something else, Terry Tools can help make your job fast, simple and safe.

See our collection of tools and parts to learn more about the full range of applications and capabilities supported by Terry Tools. Each tool includes an organized specifications chart showing you the capacities and sizes of each drill, as well as parts lists, dimensions and blueprints for each model. To keep your drills in top shape, each one comes with maintenance and use instructions so you do not overextend or wear down your drill. In addition to the dozens of flexible, offset and adjustable drills, Terry Tools also offers custom manufacturing for specific needs upon request. As one of our valued customers, we strive to meet your needs at every turn and help you complete any job with ease.

Learn more about our century-long machining legacy, our tools, industries, adjustments and more online, or contact us directly. You will receive prompt responses from knowledgeable experts to ensure that all of your questions are answered completely and accurately. If you would like to place an order, or if you have order questions, questions about our tools, components or custom orders, give us a call today at 585-653-5178 / fax: 585-492-5166 or info@blissmachine.net.